Friday, October 11, 2013

My Happy Place

It seems like we are always 'going' and 'doing' something. I like being home. I like having all my people under one roof together. Home is my happy place! We have had such a fun week at home! This makes me happy!

Earlier in the week, we drove out to this sweet couples house and bought some pumpkins! 

Okay...maybe more than just "some"!!! 

A couple girlfriends, Jessica and Lissa, came over on Wednesday morning and we made a huge mess trying to be creative with these beauties! It was so fun! We were so dirty! (Ok, Lucy Jane and I were anyway) :) I took Lucy Jane's clothes and put them straight in the trash can! But...she had a BLAST! 

I let her paint her own pumpkins and add them to our porch! She loved it! 

I like color!!! :) 

And my tape leopard pumpkin! 

Thursday morning, I had the kids pictures made! I took the kids to see Mrs. Hannah at Ever After Portraiture and Boutique! You can see her stuff at She does fantastic work and was super good with the kiddos! 

I can't wait to see the finished product!
Kaylor wore clothes in most of the pictures :) but u just have to capture that chubby goodness while ya can!

Tonight, we are at home! Snuggled on the couch in the playroom! Lucy Jane is playing! Love her creativity! 

Rich is snuggled with the Christmas blanket that we use year round! Dollar General find I think!! 

And sweet Kaylor is snoozing! (For now...he will be up again soon!) still trying to tell him he should just sleep all night long! 

Home is my happy place. 

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