Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oh! Bedtime....

Bedtime is always quite the event at our house...but tonight proved to be quite comical! 

Lucy Jane (like most 3 year olds) always has a million reasons why she can't go to bed...

-her bed is not comfortable
-her room is pink and she wants it painted rainbow
-Jesus made her a little girl...and little girls aren't supposed to be 'locked up in their rooms' ha! Still laughing over this one! 

These were just three of the reasons she gave tonight! 

We thought we lost puppy...which got bedtime started off a little dramatic! Searched everywhere , Called TJ Maxx, and then finally found it under her box house! 

Rich and I were sitting on the couch watching tv and I kept hearing something! She had made a pallet in the stairs and fell off! :) so funny! 

We put her back in bed....

This is when she gave me the spill about not supposed to be locked up in her room!  

Shhh...she needed a snack! We snuck a few crackers while I was folding laundry! 

Back to bed! Tummy full, bladder empty, puppy in hand...surely it's bedtime now! 

Then this happens!!! Yes, she walked down every step with this blanket over her because you know if you cover your head people can't see you!!! We were dying! 

Finally, thought we had her tucked in for the night! And she's back downstairs! Told her to get in my bed....

5 minutes later...

Passed out! :)

This little girl keeps us on our toes...and laughing constantly! So thankful for her fun personality! Like my mom told me...enjoy these days...this too shall pass! Soaking up all of this little girl that I can! 

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