Sunday, September 29, 2013

Special treat with our Princess!

Lucy Jane loves princesses! She loves dressing up, dancing, being twirled around, and being 'gorgeous'! Ha! Love the fun words she uses to describe herself!

Not only did Lucy Jane have an awesome week at school last week, but she was wonderful at home as well! Rich and I decided to reward her for her behavior in hopes that her big girl actions would continue! 

The Art Center of the Ozarks, here in Springdale, puts on several plays a year. This weekend they were doing Cinderella! I knew Lucy Jane would be over the moon if she got to go! 

Our sweet Miss Sarah came and watched Kaylor so we could have a special afternoon with just Lucy Jane!

They did such a good job putting on the play! 

She was so excited to get to see Cinderella after the performance! She sat through the whole thing and watched, occasionally telling us to stop talking!  :) 

I think we will try the movie theatre next! Can't believe how big she is getting! Loved spending time with my "first baby"! 

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