Saturday, September 14, 2013

Woooo Pig Sooie!

Today was our first time to go to the Razorback game as a family of four! We decided this morning that it would be fun to go...last minute is how we roll! 

I was sad because I had no sweet matching outfits for my kids to wear to the game :( I quickly remembered that my sweet friend, Julie, had given us a cheerleader uniform! I knew Lucy Jane would love love love to wear it to the game! She was soooo excited!  

We loaded up in the car and were ready for the fun morning! 

I love how excited she gets about everything! She is so fun!

We bought tickets and headed in toward the game! The people watching on the walk in was very amusing!

Lucy Jane had the biggest hotdog I have ever seen! It was super yummy! We might have dropped it and picked it right back up to keep eating! (It was that good) :)

She loved calling the Hogs in her Daddy's shoulders until some rude man asked him to please not let her on his shoulders! He said he couldn't see around her! Ugh! 

Kaylor did awesome! He is so laid back and easy going!

Daddy bought someone some Pom pom's! She realllly wanted to cheer with the big cheerleaders! 

Watching the game like such a big girl! 

Little man happy as can be! 

So thankful for fun times with these three. Love creating memories and laughing with the ones I love the most! Hope they always want to hang out with us! 

Nana and bubba were at the game, too! We didn't see them there but they stopped in after and took Lucy Jane home with them! That always makes her happy! :) 

Hope you have a great weekend with your family! 

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