Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random pictures!

I am always snapping random pictures of the kiddos! I love being able to go back and look at our week in pictures! Here are a few:

We brought the jump-a-roo home from my mom's house...and Kaylor loves it! 

Lucy Jane sneaks in every now and then too!

We've been working on sitting up lately! He's mastered it finally! But....he didn't want to practice this day!!!

Lucy Jane loves the mornings that her Daddy takes her to school! They are goofy! 

Looking sleepy!!! This was before we headed to pick up Lucy Jane Tuesday! He misses her while she's at school!

My "first baby" had to have a bath in the sink!!!

Love her sweet smile! Holding a baby pig!

Kaylor waking Lucy Jane up from her nap yesterday! :) his giggles were hilarious! Lucy Jane loves him so much!

Silly faces in the bathtub!

Too bad we don't have a magnetic front fridge! Lj found a way to display her art! 

Both kiddos at their 6 month baby appts! Have the same leg rolls! Love!

She has been a great napper this week!

Play time waiting on Lucy Jane to wake up!!

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