Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun Night with a Box

I was pulling Fall decorations out of the closet today and had a huge box that I needed to get rid of. Rich had to work late and we were just killing time after I brought out the box!

At first, Lucy Jane wanted to pretend it was a house! She drug her brother in the box to play with her! She even added my blanket so it would be 'comfortable' for him!  

You can tell he was thrilled to be in there with her! 

I love the little conversations they have...and can only imagine how sweet it will be when Kaylor can talk back to her! 

Lucy Jane decided it would be much more fun to paint the box! So we brought out the paint! 

Love how she is painting her foot! Ha she wanted her foot prints on the box, too! 

The night ended with both kiddos in the sink for a bath! Love relaxing, fun nights like these! 

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