Thursday, September 5, 2013

We are So Sad/Happy!

We are so sad that Josh, Tee Tee, and baby Hoyt are moving to OKC today! BUT we are so happy for Josh and his promotion with his new store in Yukon. 

We will miss being so close...but I see many trips to OKC in our bear future! 

They came up Tuesday and surprised Lucy Jane after school! She was so excited to see Tee Tee there to pick her up from her classroom!!  This little girl loves her Tee Tee so much!

We went and had cupcakes at Bliss, Tee Tee's favorite :) 

Lucy Jane always looks rough after school! Sign of a good day of playing hard if you ask me! 

Hoyt likes his coke as much as Lucy Jane likes her diet coke!!! He liked the frosting too! 

Kaylor wanted some icing, so his sister gave him a bite!!

Kaylor already loves his Tee Tee too! She gave him some of Hoyt's yummy mashed potatoes and he loved them! 

Such a sweet boy!!!

Love this little boy so much! Can't believe he is already almost one! Sad they are moving....but happy for the opportunity for them!

We love you guys and will come visit often! Get our room ready!!!!!

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