Monday, August 11, 2014

Oh! Just a fun Sunday!

We all hit the bed for naps after church, which was amazing! For some reason, everyone sleeps good on Sunday afternoon!!! We needed to do a little show shopping for back to school, so the naps were necessary! 

Rich thought we all needed a milkshake to get started! Who can argue, right?

Ummm...I think Kaylor enjoyed his first milkshake! :) 

We ended the night at the AMP for a Crosshurh night of worship! It was amazing! 

We had just dropped the kids off at Pinnacle Hills! They have an amazing set up for kids! Mine love it there!

It was HOT! But it was good!l!! So thankful to be a part of such an awesome church!

We were challenged with this as we reach NWA for The Lord:

1. We are obligated.
2. We are eager.
3. We are not ashamed!

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