Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We moved into our new house the first of December, but have not decorated everything exactly like we want yet. Tonight we put the pedal to the metal and really got the ball rolling. We hung curtains, pictures, and decorated with some of the new things we have bought. Our house is FINALLY starting to look like a home! Rich worked so hard remodeling our house and now we are getting to add the little extras that will make it perfect for us!

Lucy Jane's room is coming along too! Her bed and dresser came in Saturday, so Rich and his dad put it together! We are getting ready to paint her room and her bedding is in the process of being made. Baby Chic is AMAZING! I am so excited about seeing her room come together! I want everything to be perfect before she gets here! I have a little over 13 weeks before we get to meet our little one; however, it seems as if there is so much to do before then! More pictures coming soon!

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