Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend!

What a great weekend!  We were able to relax as a family and enjoy some time which was super nice!   Friday, Rich's parents kept Lucy Jane so that Rich and I could head to the lake for the weekend! Saturday, my Mom picked LJ up and kept her overnight.  They played and had a good time! We knew that it would be more work than fun chasing a 13 month old around the lake, so we decided to leave her with Grandparents for a little bit!  It was a great get-away but I missed my little monkey sooo much. 

MaMaw and Papa took her swimming Friday night!

She loves playing in the floor with Bubba while Nana was cooking supper!

We spent Friday night and Saturday at the lake riding jet skis and playing! It was so nice to get some sun and have some fun with Rich!  Saturday night we cooked out with the guys that work for Rich and their families.  It was fun to socialize and get to know them better! 

Our friends Spencer and Allen hanging out with us at the lake!
Sunday we drove home and spent the day relaxing and hanging out!  We took Lucy Jane to Chuck E. Cheese that night.  She is finally big enough to ride the little rides and play on some of the toys.  Her daddy has just as much fun as her while there!  She could climb up the steps and slide down all by herself..... she's getting too big too fast. 

We cooked out at home tonight and then went to watch the fireworks with Rich's family.  I thought Lucy Jane would be afraid but she wasn't at all.  She ran and played everywhere and was having a blast!  I love my energetic little girl!  It was so nice to spend some quality time with my little family this weekend! 

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