Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had a fun weekend for Easter this year! Lucy Jane is at such a fun age where she is loving holidays!!
Friday afternoon my sister and josh picked up Lucy Jane to take her to my moms for the night! I sent her, puppy, nite-nite (blanket) and her diapers but managed somehow to forget any of her clothes and shoes! Momma moment!!!
Thankfully, I called Crystal at Baby Chic to pick out an out outfit and my dad went and picked it up! She even hooked her up with a big pink bow!! Haley went and grabbed her some shoes and it all worked out!!
Mom took her to the Easter egg hunt in Lavaca on Saturday morning and she had a ball!!
That afternoon they all drive up here to spend the night! We ate and played and enjoyed our time together!!
Sunday morning we went to church, hunted eggs, and ate lunch! Then naps for all!!! Rich got baptized at church this morning! It was a perfect Easter Sunday!
Rich's sister and the kids came over to hunt eggs that afternoon! They played outside and got filthy! :) Lucy Jane loves plying with her cousins!
So thankful for family and the true meaning of Easter! We are blessed!!!

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