Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Growing Up...

Lucy Jane, you are growing up right before my eyes! Your daddy and I keep saying how quickly you are changing! Your vocabulary has just erupted and you mostly speak in full sentences! You are feisty, giggly, spunky, and always full of energy! You keep me on my toes! You somersault everywhere you go!!! Gymnastics is a great way for you to play, but you still are a little young to follow all the directions so we are waiting a few months to try again! :)

So thankful to be your mommy and excited to see all the positive things you bring to our family!! Love spending my days with you!

You love your friend, Hudson! We play at least once a week! We let you two run wild and listen to your sweet giggles! Sucking your thumb is still a favorite pastime! We will work on that and potty training soon...but I'm in no hurry!

This blog was supposed to be my journal to you but I have really been slacking lately :(

Growing up so quickly, where did my little baby go?

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