Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2 Little Chickens

Not an animal person....but when I see the smile they bring to my kiddos faces I give in rather easily! The guy that sold us our jeep has chicken houses! Lucy Jane casually mentioned that she would love a pet chicken! He then shared with her that he would love to bring her a chicken! Two days later I get a call to stop by the car dealership! Guess what?! He gave us TWO! One for each kid... Isn't he sweet! 

She was so happy! We stopped by there after Bible school so I had my nieces and nephew with us! We took a trip to Atwoods and got stocked up on chicken stuff! 

We bought a little chicken food and some stuff to out in their crate! The sweet guy at Atwoods helped us pick out just the right stuff!

We brought the chickens home and gave them lots of loving!!!

They even got to FaceTime with Tee Tee!

Chicken #1, Kaylor Joe (named by Lucy Jane) got his leg caught in the cage by sweet cousin Annalyse! He was hurt pretty bad so we had to call Daddy to come take care of the sweet baby. Unfortunately, he didn't make it.

Chicken #2, Lucy Jane, was feeling lonely so we gave her a stuffed animal to comfort her through the night.

Sadly, rich found sweet Lucy Jane unresponsive the next morning. I was really counting on some eggs...but we obviously aren't cut out for animals around the Richardson house! 

Even Luke misses the sweet chicks! Fun experience for Lucy Jane! :) 

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