Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sweet Palmer Kate

I have been waiting for this day for nine long months!!!!! Finally my sweet niece is here! She's perfect! Her cheeks, y'all!!!!! 

Hoyt is a proud big brother!!!

I brought Lucy Jane with me and came and waited at the hospital. Rich kept Kaylor and they waited until sweet Palmer Kate was born to come to the hospital! 

Our first looks at sweet cheeks!!! This girl has some chubby cheeks, and her Tee Tee loves to kiss them! 

Lucy Jane and Hoyt enjoyed playing for the most part! They surprised me how well they did hanging out in the lobby all day! 

And Lucy Jane kept calling Josh's dad, john, Uncle Joe! It was hilarious!

This sweet girl is so loved!

Big brother was worn out and had to catch a nap in the hospital bed!

Palmer Kate, you are loved! So proud to be your aunt!

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