Friday, April 1, 2011

Hanging Out with Poppy

My babysitter, Missy, took a quick vacation to the beach with her family over this weekend!  (Much deserved by the way)  She keeps 5 kiddos and they are all 2 months apart!  She is such a blessing to our family!  I can't sing her praises enough!  Lucy Jane loves her and her friends that she plays with while she is there! I needed a sitter for today!

My mom and dad volunteered to keep Miss Priss last night and watch her today for us!  Poor thing, she woke up at 3 this morning and dad was rocking her and her kitty, feeding her a bottle!  (Such good grandparents!)  Dad said when she woke up this morning she started calling him Bubba! haha 

Kitty is a very important part of LJ's day by the way!  We have to have kitty for bed time and playtime!  I said NO STUFFED ANIMALS.....and my mom bought her this cat which of course she loves.  Here is a pic of her from earlier this week holding Kitty.

Here are a few pics mom got of them this morning!

I'm not sure what kind of conversation they were having, but I love how those 2 look at each other!  I'm so thankful to have a dad that wants to be a huge part of my daughter's life! 

After I picked LJ up from dad, we made a stop by the bank to see Nana. (my mom)  Lucy Jane got her first sticker and balloon!  She wasn't sure what to do with the balloon, but it sure was cute to watch her play!  Their little minds are so curious! 

Lucy Jane is such a Joy!  She is always happy and full of life!  I am SO thankful God chose ME to be her Mommy!

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