Friday, June 22, 2012

Trip of a Lifetime

I am just a little behind on posting this blog, but better late than never right?!  Rich completely surprised me with a trip to Cancun in April!  He called me on a Tuesday evening and asked if we had plans for the weekend?!  I said I didn't think so.....he replies with..okay we are going to Mexico! 

When we got married we didn't go on a fancy tropical honeymoon...we took a road trip to Minnesota which is a very special place for us both!  We had a blast but always wished we would have gone on a trip like this before we had a child!  I left on Wednesday and drove Lucy Jane to my sister and Josh in Oklahoma City!  I knew she would have a blast there and be perfectly content while we were away!  Poor Tee Tee was just a few months pregnant at the time and I know Lucy Jane gave her a run for her money!  Here are a few pictures from our trip! 

The first day we got massages underneath a little hut right on the ocean!  Great timing before we got sunburned!  So relaxing! It started to rain and I think we both fell asleep! 

We spent everyday, all day, in the pool or in the ocean! It was so relaxing.  We truly were able to just enjoy each other and have zero stresses!  Soooo nice!  The view was amazing!  I think couples need to make a point to make time for themselves as a couple sometimes and remember where it all started. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routines and forget to cherish your spouse.

I tried to facetime with Lucy Jane each day!

She was having lots of fun with Tee Tee as you can tell! :)

My handsome hubby!  He got us a ship all to ourselves to go deep sea fishing for the day!  It was so much fun and we both caught 100 lb. fish!  It was quite a workout, but memories were made!

We had such a great trip!  We ate some great food, relaxed, and remembered where it all began!  I can't wait to go back again!  Thankful for a spontaneous husband that enjoys surprising me!  :) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Miss Social makes a Friend

Lucy Jane received the Miss Social award at Kid's Day Out! So fitting! Our neighbors at the campsite had a little girl a month older than Lucy Jane! They loved playing in the water puddles and especially with the puppies!

I want Lucy Jane to always have a friendly personality!

Here are a few more pics that were on my phone! :) sweet memories!

Crazy Campers!

As I am typing this I am sitting on the couch in an rv we rented as rich drives us down the road! Yes, I said RV! I love that my husband is crazy, adventurous, and spontaneous! I am typically he brings out the fun in us all!

Here's how it started! Over Memorial Day weekend he decided he wanted us to get a tent and go camping as a family! DISASTER WITH A 2 YEAR OLD! (atleast with our 2 year old!) she hated the tent! We drove dirt roads at midnight to get her to sleep and were up at 4 with her screaming for us to get out and go home! She won!!! By 6:00, our campsite was empty and we were on our way home!

Somehow we managed to get lost on the way home and found ourselves on a 10 mile dirt road! It was called, "Hilltop Road"! Ended up with a flat tire! Icing on the cake for the trip! Needless to say, Rich was bound and determined to take us camping!

Tuesday, I'm getting my hair done in fort smith. He calls and says he's rented an RV and we are headed to the beach! For those of you who know my child, it is impossible to keep her in a carseat for a trip to Target...much less a 12 hour drive to the beach! Sounded fun and I was super excited about having him all to myself for a week!!

We packed up Big Betty (32 foot camper) and headed out of town! I had my first experience sleeping at a truck stop, too! Oh ya, we have our two toy poodles with us too! This just adds to the experience, right?! A few bruises and one bloody nose so far but we have survived! (all from being slung around while driving) haha

We are on our way home now and truly had a blast being together! However, we all decided next time a condo would probably be a better idea! We met some sweet people and went to some super fun places!

Top things I leaned on this trip:
1. I will never take indoor plumbing for granted again. (NEVER)
2. Staying in a 'truck' for a week definitely makes a family closer.
3. Walking through the sand carrying a 2 year old and beach toys definitely proves how out of shape I am.
4. Puppies are not meant to go on family vacations.
5. Make sure you get all sand off of you before crawling into a small bed...impossible to remove.

Pictures coming in later post!