Saturday, August 10, 2013

Buffalo River 2013- Happy Anniversary

What a fun weekend away creating memories that I hope will always be cherished!  I had never been to the Buffalo River and it had been years since Rich has been, so he planned a trip to celebrate our anniversary!  At first, I think he had the idea that we would be camping in a tent.....(4 month old and 3 year old)...I said NO WAY!  so......he rented us a nice little cabin in the middle of the woods and it was perfect.  At first I was a little scared of all the bugs around us I have to admit.  Seeing how much Lucy Jane loved being there made me happy! 

Rich did all of the grocery shopping for our trip which helped tremendously.  I left all the cold refrigerated stuff at home (of course) so we hit up the Harrison Wal-Mart. (This was an experience all in itself)  We ate every meal either in the cabin or had a picnic at the water.  Lucy Jane swam and fished with her Daddy!  He bought her a pink Barbie fishing pole and showed her how to hook a worm to the pole to catch a fish! I love her adventurous spirit! 

We stayed at Buffalo River Outfitters. The cabins were so secluded and perfect for a family getaway.

Chef Rich always cooks good food while we are away! Grocery shops and cooks....pretty lucky!

Lucy Jane sporting her hat and smile! Ready to hit the water!

Just chilling!  Happy as can be!  There was a nice breeze that kept him pretty content!

As we were leaving, Daddy found Lucy Jane a turtle! She was so excited!  She wanted to bring it home so badly, but we chose to set it free!  (not an animal person) :) 

He can't wait for Kaylor to fish with him someday!  :)  You can see Lucy Jane throwing her pole behind him! 

Thankful to have a husband that plans fun things for us to do! I would never think to do things like this with such small kids, but he brings me out of my shell.  For that, I am thankful.  Lucy Jane has loved every second of the adventures he takes us on...and I know the memories created will last a lifetime. 

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