Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Birthday, Sweet Kaylor

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy! I wish you knew how special you truly are to your Mommy! I am having a hard time understanding just how quickly two years have gone by! You are so very loved! 

You have taught me to slow down and enjoy every minute with you and your amazing sister! It goes by way to quickly! 

You bring so much laughter to our home! The funny faces you make keep us all rolling! You LOVE to play and snuggle with your sister!  The evenings with you two are my favorite!

You are attached to your "nu-nu" and I think I am having a harder time thinking about taking it away than you are! 

You love to jump and sing and dance and SMILE! You are a happy boy and bring joy to our home! 

You melt our hearts everyday! You adore your "sis" and she teaches you so much! I love that you have learned to love others and be so compassionate from her! You always have a smile and hug for everyone you meet! 

I pray that grow strong in Jesus and that we can be the example for you that we are to be! We love you with our whole hearts sweet, funny boy! Happy 2nd birthday! 

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