Monday, June 20, 2011

FUNday Monday!

My little Lucy Jane sure is a mess!  I love every second with her, but she definetely keeps me on my toes! :)  Today we met up with some girls and went swimming!  Lucy Jane loves the water.....but doesn't stay in very long at a time.  She has found the friendly stairs!  Not only has she found the stairs...but she knows how to go up them and get out of the pool and come back down into the pool.  My blood pressure immediately rises when we are around water!  I forgot my camera, but my friend Tracy caught a few pictures of the kiddos that I will share! 

Lucy Jane missed her morning nap because of our play we came home and she napped and I started cleaning out the pantry!  I am trying to do one project a day during her nap.  (cleaning out drawers, closets,.....etc.)  I wasn't finished when she woke up for her nap, so she decided she would play in the kitchen. 

She is always into something! I love her spunky personality!

Lucy Jane sleeps with a humidifier in her room.  She has figured out how to take it apart!  I walked in the living room and found this.....she was sitting in her rocking chair with the top of her humidifier!

We had to go pick up a few groceries, and Lucy Jane is the perfect shopping buddy.  She waved and blew kisses to everyone we passed in each aisle!  She is so funny! 

I love being Mommy to this fun little girl!  Summertime has never been so fun!

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