Sunday, September 29, 2013

Special treat with our Princess!

Lucy Jane loves princesses! She loves dressing up, dancing, being twirled around, and being 'gorgeous'! Ha! Love the fun words she uses to describe herself!

Not only did Lucy Jane have an awesome week at school last week, but she was wonderful at home as well! Rich and I decided to reward her for her behavior in hopes that her big girl actions would continue! 

The Art Center of the Ozarks, here in Springdale, puts on several plays a year. This weekend they were doing Cinderella! I knew Lucy Jane would be over the moon if she got to go! 

Our sweet Miss Sarah came and watched Kaylor so we could have a special afternoon with just Lucy Jane!

They did such a good job putting on the play! 

She was so excited to get to see Cinderella after the performance! She sat through the whole thing and watched, occasionally telling us to stop talking!  :) 

I think we will try the movie theatre next! Can't believe how big she is getting! Loved spending time with my "first baby"! 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun Night with a Box

I was pulling Fall decorations out of the closet today and had a huge box that I needed to get rid of. Rich had to work late and we were just killing time after I brought out the box!

At first, Lucy Jane wanted to pretend it was a house! She drug her brother in the box to play with her! She even added my blanket so it would be 'comfortable' for him!  

You can tell he was thrilled to be in there with her! 

I love the little conversations they have...and can only imagine how sweet it will be when Kaylor can talk back to her! 

Lucy Jane decided it would be much more fun to paint the box! So we brought out the paint! 

Love how she is painting her foot! Ha she wanted her foot prints on the box, too! 

The night ended with both kiddos in the sink for a bath! Love relaxing, fun nights like these! 

Random pictures!

I am always snapping random pictures of the kiddos! I love being able to go back and look at our week in pictures! Here are a few:

We brought the jump-a-roo home from my mom's house...and Kaylor loves it! 

Lucy Jane sneaks in every now and then too!

We've been working on sitting up lately! He's mastered it finally! But....he didn't want to practice this day!!!

Lucy Jane loves the mornings that her Daddy takes her to school! They are goofy! 

Looking sleepy!!! This was before we headed to pick up Lucy Jane Tuesday! He misses her while she's at school!

My "first baby" had to have a bath in the sink!!!

Love her sweet smile! Holding a baby pig!

Kaylor waking Lucy Jane up from her nap yesterday! :) his giggles were hilarious! Lucy Jane loves him so much!

Silly faces in the bathtub!

Too bad we don't have a magnetic front fridge! Lj found a way to display her art! 

Both kiddos at their 6 month baby appts! Have the same leg rolls! Love!

She has been a great napper this week!

Play time waiting on Lucy Jane to wake up!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Sweet Sweet Boy

Sweet Kaylor, 

You are 6 months old! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone! It honestly seems like just yesterday you were born a tiny little boy! Now you are a chunky, smiley, happy, happy baby! You have my heart! I was so nervous about having a baby boy! I only knew girl stuff! (Bows, attitude, dresses, and glitter) You are showing me how special little boys really are! 

You are loved.

You weigh 16 lbs and 7 ounces and are 25 inches long! I just quit nursing you and you take a bottle just fine! This works much better for us since you are a hungry little boy and have a busy big sister! 

She loves to help change your diaper and feed you! She wants to carry you everywhere, but we have to watch out for that! You have started pulling her hair and taking your toys back from her! We all think it is really funny! You laugh a lot and talk to us all the time! I pray someday you are the best of friends!

You spit up all the time. Everywhere we go. A lot. :) we went to the mall the other night and you sprayed the floor of Banana Republic! The girls working the store were pretty grossed out!! It didn't phase us though! Mommy and Daddy were on our hands and knees scrubbing their floor because you made quite the mess!  

(This was after the majority was cleaned up) 

We snuggle you from the time you wake up until you go to bed! Mommy gets extra snuggle time at night because you like to be awake instead of sleep!  

As soon as I start putting you down, I know you will learn to sit up on your own! I really like to hold you! All day. Everyday.  You are a little spoiled and I think I know whose fault that is!!! 

You are just now starting to sit in your car seat without screaming! This makes me very happy!! 

God has big, big plans for your life! I am so thankful that I am your Mom! Cherishing each day with you and your sister! 

I love you.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Woooo Pig Sooie!

Today was our first time to go to the Razorback game as a family of four! We decided this morning that it would be fun to go...last minute is how we roll! 

I was sad because I had no sweet matching outfits for my kids to wear to the game :( I quickly remembered that my sweet friend, Julie, had given us a cheerleader uniform! I knew Lucy Jane would love love love to wear it to the game! She was soooo excited!  

We loaded up in the car and were ready for the fun morning! 

I love how excited she gets about everything! She is so fun!

We bought tickets and headed in toward the game! The people watching on the walk in was very amusing!

Lucy Jane had the biggest hotdog I have ever seen! It was super yummy! We might have dropped it and picked it right back up to keep eating! (It was that good) :)

She loved calling the Hogs in her Daddy's shoulders until some rude man asked him to please not let her on his shoulders! He said he couldn't see around her! Ugh! 

Kaylor did awesome! He is so laid back and easy going!

Daddy bought someone some Pom pom's! She realllly wanted to cheer with the big cheerleaders! 

Watching the game like such a big girl! 

Little man happy as can be! 

So thankful for fun times with these three. Love creating memories and laughing with the ones I love the most! Hope they always want to hang out with us! 

Nana and bubba were at the game, too! We didn't see them there but they stopped in after and took Lucy Jane home with them! That always makes her happy! :) 

Hope you have a great weekend with your family! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Enjoy it!

Staying at home isn't always easy. Staying at home isn't always fun. Staying at home can be stressful and tiring...and some days make you wish you could just go to work. 

BUT...staying at home allows me to be the one to invest in, teach, love on, and care for my children 24 hours a day. 

They are always watching me. 

They will always see how I act and things I do and say.

They will see if I show them love, grace, forgiveness, and teach them with a gentle voice. 

I am learning. 

They are learning.

This morning...I am soaking up some Lucy Jane time. 

She is so creative. Funny. Caring. And full of energy.

Thankful for mornings like these together.

Count your blessings. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

We are So Sad/Happy!

We are so sad that Josh, Tee Tee, and baby Hoyt are moving to OKC today! BUT we are so happy for Josh and his promotion with his new store in Yukon. 

We will miss being so close...but I see many trips to OKC in our bear future! 

They came up Tuesday and surprised Lucy Jane after school! She was so excited to see Tee Tee there to pick her up from her classroom!!  This little girl loves her Tee Tee so much!

We went and had cupcakes at Bliss, Tee Tee's favorite :) 

Lucy Jane always looks rough after school! Sign of a good day of playing hard if you ask me! 

Hoyt likes his coke as much as Lucy Jane likes her diet coke!!! He liked the frosting too! 

Kaylor wanted some icing, so his sister gave him a bite!!

Kaylor already loves his Tee Tee too! She gave him some of Hoyt's yummy mashed potatoes and he loved them! 

Such a sweet boy!!!

Love this little boy so much! Can't believe he is already almost one! Sad they are moving....but happy for the opportunity for them!

We love you guys and will come visit often! Get our room ready!!!!!