Monday, June 24, 2013

Hanging with the Hardcastle's

Lucy Jane loves playing with her buddy, Hudson! These two play really well together and are so funny to watch! We spent a day last week hanging out! Here was our day!!

Kaylor loves to be snuggled up! (I created this probably) :)  I carried him around the mall in my Moby wrap and he was happy as could be!!

These two were so excited to see each other! 

The boys hung in one stroller for a while and the girls on another!  

Somehow we always end up at Target! 

Such a good trooper at Target! (This was after the panicked  run down every aisle to find has drops!) 

Sweet Analyn Kate didn't make a peep all day! 

Monkeys hanging out under the shopping buggy! These two are a mess! 

Sweet friends!!!

Look at that smile! They love playing in my car for some reason!!! 

Love their friendship and look forward to watching Analyn Kate and Kaylor become buddies too!!!  Love our days together! 

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