Thursday, June 13, 2013

Only Lucy Jane....

This girl keeps me rolling! You NEVER know what is going to come out of her mouth! She is so prissy and sassy, sweet, and equally mischievous! She has gotten to be so much fun since we can actually have conversations! 

Here are just a few quotes from her just tonight! (This is more for me to remember !)

We were swimming in the pool..."Mom, will you do a flip? That would be totally awesome!" 

I noticed a scratch on her back and I asked her what happened. She got so serious and said, "me and dad were putting the roof on. We were just working on the house, Mom." 

I made her sit on the steps for a few minutes so she would listen to what i needed to tell her. When she got back into the pool she said, "mom, will you be nice and kind? Jesus said be kind to your friends...and we are friends!" 

I always tell her she is my first little baby and Kaylor is my 2nd little baby. We were cuddling in the bed and she said, "mom can I have a bottle...I want to be your first little baby!" (Spoiled rotten) 

Last one!
She "doesn't know how to sleep without me" she I was laying in her bed before she fell asleep and she WOULDN'T stop talking! I said, Lucy Jane stop talking or I am going downstairs. She said, "I am talking to Jesus, mom. Is that okay?" How do you say no to that?!

This spunky little girl has a heart of gold and a personality that keeps us laughing! I pray that she is always a happy, loving, and kind-hearted sweet girl! 

Never know what is next with this mess!!!

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