Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer has begun....

When I think about summertime, I think about staying up late and sleeping in even later, laying by the pool, eating snow cones, and no set schedules! Well, we are enjoying all of those things except the sleeping in of course! :) 

It is 11:00, and I am just now getting Lucy Jane down! We are in that stage where she could go without a nap and go to bed at a decent hour or nap (which she prefers) and stay up way too late! Hard for Us to get any quiet time on night like this, but we have our whole life for that, right?! 

Lucy Jane keeps us rolling! Tonight she said she didn't know how to sleep by herself and she really needed to watch Peppa  Pig! Ugh! 

Monday, we were invited by some sweet friends to go to Silver Dollar City! We had 5 kids under age 5! They had a blast! We didn't end up getting home until 11:30, but had a great day!

Sweet Kaylor slept in my Moby Wrap most of the day! The kids had a ball!

Last night, Lucy Jane went to play golf with her Daddy and Kaylor and I went and got a pedicure! He stayed in my lap until it was time to let my toes dry! He made new friends! Such a smiley boy! The nil guy cracks me up! 

Lucy Jane is going to a dance camp for 5 sessions! She is having a ball so far! The teachers are great! Here are a few pics from the first two days! 

Lucy Jane went with rich to wash his truck tonight, and I enjoyed quiet time with my little one! 

Sure do love these two!!! Looking forward to a fun summer! 

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