Monday, June 17, 2013

Pretty Princess Pierced her Ears

Well, I did it! I never thought I would have a toddler with earrings! Not that there is anything wrong with it...just swore I wouldn't pierce ears until they could be cared for by Lucy Jane entirely! 

Yesterday, we took a trip to the mall just the two of us! We were walking around and she saw the earrings in the Icing! She said she wanted earrings just like me...which melted my heart! I thought I would go in and talk to the girls and she would freak out and then it would all be over! They explained everything to her (even that it would hurt) and this girl was still all about it! I told her we would have to talk to her daddy and see what he said! I was not making this choice without him! 

She convinced him...and we were back within an hour! 

Daddy in shock that she is growing up way too fast :( melts my heart! 

Kaylor just chilled while we did the girly stuff! So patient!

Still trying to talk her out of it! She is still all smiles!

They put the dots on her ears and once again told her it was going to hurt!

Tada!!! She had little studs! So sweet! She cried for a couple minutes...then looked at us and said it didn't hurt anymore!!!

So we celebrated with ice cream! Love this sweet girl!!! She really is a princess! :)


  1. I was searching for my GF's blog and came across yours. Hope you don't mind me leaving a comment, but your story reminded of a funny experience of mine when we pierced our ODD's ears at 2 yrs old on a spur of the moment decision.

    Started reading about the princess having her ears pierced wanting to look like mommy. Like you, I never thought I'd have a toddler with earrings, but wound up having two princesses, age 2 and her baby sister age 6 mos with earrings!

    After piercing our ODD's ears, we came home and daddy loved them. What happened next surprised me. Dh asked why we hadn't had our 6 mo dd's ears pierced too! I didn't know what to say, but then our 2.5 yr said chimed in that she wanted her baby sister to have matching earrings like hers. My family was ganging up on me!

    Admittedly, I hadn't even thought of doing it, but the manager at Piercing Pagoda said they were having a 50% off sale on a second pair of earrings if you purchased a pair of piercing earrings. That was hard to pass up, but the nice manager said it was going on for the next two weeks and she would let me get our baby girl's ears pierced for the half price as a second set of earrings from our toddler's earrings! Now everyone wanted my baby girl to have earrings! What could I do?

    Like you, I always said to others I would let our dd, Sandi, get her ears pierced when she could care for them. However, after doing our toddler, I wondered if I should have the baby done too? Well, I asked our ped and she encouraged me to do her early saying it was better when mommy cares for them. She pulled out a picture of her six month girl with cute little gold studs saying this is what I think...

    Yes, you guessed it...I went back to PP. The nice manager was working and our baby princess in the making got her ears pierced ears with barely a whimper. Now, our princess and her baby princess in the making are adorable. There was no problem caring for both girls at the same time.

    I never thought I would be one of those moms having her toddler with earrings and her baby sister too! Of course, everyone notices the girls with matching earrings. Both girls get lots of compliments on them.

    Interestingly, another mom in our church nursery after seeing our baby, Missy with cute sparkly studs is considering having her twin seven month girls done too.

    Don't know if you considered having your younger daughter's ears pierced now. However, if so, then I'd say it may be your mommy intuition telling you that you need both princesses with cute earrings.


  2. So cute!!! Thank you for sharing! My youngest is a boy so we won't be piercing any ears! Ha! But Lucy Jane is loving her earrings! She lets me clean them with no trouble and shows them off to everyone! :)