Sunday, June 30, 2013

He's still workin on me....

Rich, the kids, and I had a great weekend in Branson with friends! We went to visit the Kids Across America camp. This is a Sumer camp program for Inner City Kids. A friend of ours runs the camp and we have gone a few times to visit! 

We stopped in eureka on the way for dinner! 

On Friday night, we arrived at the camp just in time for the closing ceremonies. It is such a neat experience getting to see the excitement from all of the students and staff! They were shouting chants, doing dances, and radiating with excitement from a week full of being loved in and learning about The Lord! 

Saturday, we watched the kids load up and head home. My heart was so heavy for these kids. Most of them are going back to not so great circumstances. This one week of camp creates a high in them that could possibly change their lives forever. 

We played all day on Saturday!

Lucy Jane and Charlie getting ready to go for a ride!

Our sweet friends, the Steven's, that came along with us!

Both kiddos finally crashed at the end of the day!

We had such a fun weekend! I was convicted about what I am doing to serve. We are spoiled. We are ungrateful. We need to do more. 

Thankfully, he's still working on me, to make me what I ought to be. It took him just a week to make the moon and the stars, the sun and the earth, and Jupiter and mars. How loving and patient he must be...cuz he's still working on me!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 Years Ago....

Time flies...5 years ago today Rich and I (or neighbor boy as I called him then) went on our first date! We lived in the same apartment complex, so I had seen him around here and there. I had checked him out, but he had no idea. :)

A few weeks prior, he pulled into the parking lot at the same time as me and conveniently helped me carry my luggage upstairs from a trip I had been on. We ended up talking until the wee hours of the morning...on my front porch I might add because I wasn't about to let him inside.

He convinced me on this night to go grab something to eat with him. (I had stood him up the other times he had asked) :). 

We went to Joe's Italian in fort smith. He was so easy to talk to and had lots of neat stories. He was so fun to be around and we laughed the entire time! 

I knew there was something special about him. He had a wild/exciting personality and made me feel so special. 

Glad I went!  We were engaged 2 months later. Married a year and 2 months later. 

5 years later... I am still laughing! (Most days) he makes me smile (most days) and still makes me feel special. 

Thankful that he is mine! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hanging with the Hardcastle's

Lucy Jane loves playing with her buddy, Hudson! These two play really well together and are so funny to watch! We spent a day last week hanging out! Here was our day!!

Kaylor loves to be snuggled up! (I created this probably) :)  I carried him around the mall in my Moby wrap and he was happy as could be!!

These two were so excited to see each other! 

The boys hung in one stroller for a while and the girls on another!  

Somehow we always end up at Target! 

Such a good trooper at Target! (This was after the panicked  run down every aisle to find has drops!) 

Sweet Analyn Kate didn't make a peep all day! 

Monkeys hanging out under the shopping buggy! These two are a mess! 

Sweet friends!!!

Look at that smile! They love playing in my car for some reason!!! 

Love their friendship and look forward to watching Analyn Kate and Kaylor become buddies too!!!  Love our days together! 

Fun, fun days!

Even though I  not teaching anymore, summer is still my favorite time of the year!!! I love how relaxed everything is! We have spent just about everyday outside, and are loving it! Just gonna share some pictures! 

We love miss Sarah! :)

Lucy Janes fun friends, Garick and Asher, we went to the lake with!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Mimi

My Mimi, Darla, piper, and Avery came up to swim and spend the day with us last Wednesday! The kids had a blast playing together, and I enjoyed visiting! 

We had pizza for lunch and enjoyed soaking up the sun. We snuck some Bliss cupcakes to celebrate my Mimi's birthday! So yummy!!! 

Kaylor loved getting to snuggle with Mimi!

Avery loved playing with Luke!


Lucy Jane had to sneak another cupcake after her nap! 

Such a fun day! Happy birthday Mimi!!! We love you! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

So thankful to have a Dad to celebrate on Father's Day. I have loved looking back on pictures and laughing (mostly at how we've changed over the years)!   I am so thankful to have a close relationship with both of my parents! They are such a great influence in the way I parent my children. I have such a long way to go, but am learning each day! Parenting is a tough job.  

I have a Dad that loves my babies like they are his own, and a mom that Lucy Jane wants to stay the night with every night! She would move in with my parents if we would let her! 

My babies are not only blessed with great grandparents, but also a great Daddy! Lucy Jane lights up when her Daddy walks in the room! She is always wanting his attention and time! 

My dad set the bar high for what a dad is called to do. One of the things I remember him saying most don't have to love me but you have to respect me. He didn't care that I didn't always love every choice he made in disciplining me...but he always taught me right from wrong and did it in a Godly way. I didnt always listen...but i heard him! He wanted to teach us to live in a way that others respected the way we lived and to keep a good reputation. 

I remember bed time prayers, letters, and notes, even while living on my own. He has even sent Lucy Jane mail that we will keep forever. The little things that mean the most are things he always remembers. 

Being a dad is a huge responsibility and definitely not an easy task! So thankful for my dad and the dad that is raising my children. 

Pretty Princess Pierced her Ears

Well, I did it! I never thought I would have a toddler with earrings! Not that there is anything wrong with it...just swore I wouldn't pierce ears until they could be cared for by Lucy Jane entirely! 

Yesterday, we took a trip to the mall just the two of us! We were walking around and she saw the earrings in the Icing! She said she wanted earrings just like me...which melted my heart! I thought I would go in and talk to the girls and she would freak out and then it would all be over! They explained everything to her (even that it would hurt) and this girl was still all about it! I told her we would have to talk to her daddy and see what he said! I was not making this choice without him! 

She convinced him...and we were back within an hour! 

Daddy in shock that she is growing up way too fast :( melts my heart! 

Kaylor just chilled while we did the girly stuff! So patient!

Still trying to talk her out of it! She is still all smiles!

They put the dots on her ears and once again told her it was going to hurt!

Tada!!! She had little studs! So sweet! She cried for a couple minutes...then looked at us and said it didn't hurt anymore!!!

So we celebrated with ice cream! Love this sweet girl!!! She really is a princess! :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Only Lucy Jane....

This girl keeps me rolling! You NEVER know what is going to come out of her mouth! She is so prissy and sassy, sweet, and equally mischievous! She has gotten to be so much fun since we can actually have conversations! 

Here are just a few quotes from her just tonight! (This is more for me to remember !)

We were swimming in the pool..."Mom, will you do a flip? That would be totally awesome!" 

I noticed a scratch on her back and I asked her what happened. She got so serious and said, "me and dad were putting the roof on. We were just working on the house, Mom." 

I made her sit on the steps for a few minutes so she would listen to what i needed to tell her. When she got back into the pool she said, "mom, will you be nice and kind? Jesus said be kind to your friends...and we are friends!" 

I always tell her she is my first little baby and Kaylor is my 2nd little baby. We were cuddling in the bed and she said, "mom can I have a bottle...I want to be your first little baby!" (Spoiled rotten) 

Last one!
She "doesn't know how to sleep without me" she I was laying in her bed before she fell asleep and she WOULDN'T stop talking! I said, Lucy Jane stop talking or I am going downstairs. She said, "I am talking to Jesus, mom. Is that okay?" How do you say no to that?!

This spunky little girl has a heart of gold and a personality that keeps us laughing! I pray that she is always a happy, loving, and kind-hearted sweet girl! 

Never know what is next with this mess!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Good Times!

Once again, we had a great weekend! Friday, my friend sheena and her family headed to NWA for a ball tournament! We live several hours apart and don't see each other near enough! We met for dinner at Abuelo's when they got into town! Rich was playing in a 3 day golf tournament, and Lucy Jane stayed the night with my parents! Tee Tee and josh came up for the day and took her back with them! 

She had been asking all week to stay the night with her Nana! She was a pretty happy girl!!

Enjoying the weather at the park!! 

Kaylor loves his Tee Tee! 

And Princess Lucy Jane loves her Hoyt Baby! 

Sheena's parents are so sweet! I was so glad they were there so we could visit! And they loved on my sweet baby boy!!

I could just eat her up! Such a doll!!! 

Friday and Saturday night, our friends Greg and Jenelle stayed with us! Greg played in the tournament with Rich. We always enjoy getting to visit with them! We all enjoyed dinner together Saturday night! 

The weather was perfect for sitting outside!

Today, we spent some time at the ball fields visiting with Sheena and her family! 

Lucy Jane wasn't into the picture too much!! Wish we lived closer!

Tonight, we celebrated our friend Dallas (or Gene as we now call him) Lucy Jane nicknamed him Gene! He turned 16 today, so we all hung out at their pool and grilled burgers! 

Goofy boy!

Kaylor had his first swim tonight! Such a cute boy!! 

Ready for a great week! Had a great weekend with my family! Blessed!